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Here's the Burnsville FSW gang.

Nik "grab ass" Larson
height 5 10
weight around 150
favorite trick- figure 4 stall, and method grab super tweak
story- Nik is the the person who brought FSW to the Burnsville -Savage area, he is one of the best out there he hates soap shoes he says and quote "soap shoes are for people who cant sk8board" he is called "grab ass" cause he grabs all the chicks ass's- so when you see an ugly kid wearing all burton gear and jumping off huge objects 10-13 feet high its Nik.

Hanam "malnurished" Pham
height- 5"2'
weight- 100
favorite trick- heel click, flying squirrel, and heel blunt stall
story- a young malnourished kid with parents from vietnam who can't speak english. This excuse for a human being came along with FSW with nik and they sort of tought each other, now they are the best to come, if you see a kid who cant skateboard well in front of people but alone he kicks ass its hanam "malnourished" pham.

Matt "macho man" Ross
height: 5'7
weight: 140
favorite tricks: Stalls to 540 out, and mute grab
story: Matt saw Nik FSWing in school and decided to join the fun and educational activities.(ya right)Any way, He now follows Nid and Hanam but he seems to do it in his own too. He now has his own style of hardcore freestyle walking tricks. He is also good at jumping gaps too. So if you see a kid with no neck doing 180's up and 5's outs it's probably Matt.

Tim "Simion Birch" Tierney
height: 5'2"
weight: 105 lbs
favorite trick: yoda
story: Tim happend around the scene early 2001. We were in computer class and we were looking up web sites on freestyle walking and tim saw pictures of people fswing. He then started following around the rest of the crew (Nik, Andy, Hanam, and Matt) If you see a kid that looks like simion birch free style walking ask if his name is Tim and he'll probobly flick you off. If this happens its Tim.

Andy "white trash" Corbo
Weight: 130
height: 5'4"
favorite trick: yoda, flying squirrel, and figure 4 stall
story: This kid is the definition of white trash. He has an afro and can't read. His house would be nice if he cleaned it but he never does so its ghetto and every thing is broken. this kid can barely freestyle walk because he can't jump. If you see a white kid with an afro who can barely freestyle walk its Andy.

Jeff "the ladies man" A.
height 5'9"
around 117 Lbs
Favorite trick- Mute grab
Story- Jeff is a pro out of Burnsville, MN who just started the sport but is progressing rapidly. Jeff likes to grab and hold it until about 4 inches off the ground, his favorite place to FSW is school. If you see a guy going huge over some stairs grabbing until you think he will fall its probably Jeff.

BJ "blowjob" Finn
weight: 140
height: 5'8"
favorite tricks: still to come
story: Finally we come to myself. I am a horrible FSWer but I just started out so that gives me a small excuse. I consider my self the "brains" of the group because I basically have no life but school. So if you see kid trying to freestyle walk it's but really sucks it most likely me.